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Proper Functioning Nervous System

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The Importance of a proper functioning nervous system

Having a properly functioning nervous system is the key to a healthy & vital body, and it is the correction and maintenance of the nervous system that is at the heart of Chiropractic.

Our brain is the master controller of the body, it is responsible for the continued function and regulation of all of the muscles, joints & organs in our body. The extension of this is the spinal cord which runs in a tunnel through the bones of the spine. At each level of the spine nerves are given off and these course through the body supplying information to all the structures along its path, the nerves also pick up information from the body and send it back to the brain. It is this constant flow that allows our body to function & regulate itself.

When the nerve signals flow back and forth properly your body is healthy and works as it should. However stress and injury has the ability to interfere with these nerve signals causing the muscles joints and organs to malfunction, this then has the ability to cause dis-ease within the body which can give rise to symptoms and illness.

It is this change in the nerve signals that we term subluxation (nerve irritation), as chiropractors we believe it is this change in nerve information that gives rise to symptoms.

Signs & symptoms of poorly functioning nervous system


Low Energy

Neck Pain

Pain between Shoulder blades

Lower back pain

Pain/Numbness in arms or fingers

Pain/Numbness in legs & feet

Digestive Problems

Irregular/Painful periods

Erectile Dysfunction


The Chiropractic Response – Holistic & Vital

As the nervous system is the controller of all the areas giving rise to symptoms & ill health; It is natural that this is the correct areas to get functioning properly. As Chiropractors we don’t treat the symptoms but instead focus on correcting the areas of subluxation using specialised movements along the spine known as adjustments. This restoration of proper nerve function ensures not only a decrease in pain but more importantly a restoration of proper function in your body.

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