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Extreme Tiredness / Fatigue

Extreme Tiredness/Fatigue

·         You can feel exhausted at any point of the day. No matter how much sleep you got

·         You have difficulty getting a good night sleep. You often wake up tired, like you were up for most of the night.

·         You feel like you don’t have any energy.

·         You lack motivation.

·         You have difficulty concentrating. It is hard for you to think clearly at work, and it is hard for you to remember and mentally process details.

·         You may also feel depressed.


Fatigue undermines quality of life but it also instils a feeling of helplessness, if you are experiencing persistent fatigue now is the time to do something about it, Call In Health Chiropractic Monaghan and Cavan, Ireland (047)84967 or  (049)4373907